HamLog 4.88

Source:Pignology, LLC

Amateur Radio Logging and Tools

NOTE: This app has ADIF Export AND Import. As well as CloudSynch to synchronize logs across devices and platforms (Android/iOS)

HamLog is an amateur radio logging application with many useful tools built-in. It is meant for use when operating portable from the field or mobile (drive safe!). It supports name and QTH lookup via the Cell network or WLAN. It supports both Import and Export of logs in ADIF format.

Gridsquare from GPS
Grid Calc from lat/long
Azimuth/Bearing Calculator
Grid to Map
US Band Plan
Callsign Lookup
DX Spots
QRZ Lookup
Q Signals
IARU Prefixes
WWV Report
Contest Calendar
Log Search
HamLog CloudSynch (see http://hamlog.it for more info)


Version 2.62 Changes:
Bug Fix for ADIF Import

Version 2.6 Changes:
Multi-line on CloudSynch username and password turned off
Bug fix in HLCS operations when user callsign isn't present
Bug fix in doing a pull operation in HLCS that has ' in the name

Version 2.5 Changes:
NOTE: I had to change the date format for this update, please export your contacts via ADIF before updating.

* HamLog CloudSynch added. See http://hamlog.it for more information, or press the More Info button in the CloudSynch tool. This tool basically let's you synchronize to/from your devices via a web-based service. The web service also has most of the functionality you see in this app.

Changed sort method of main contact screen

Search Added
Settings Tool Added
Added Operator to Contact

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